Your Yech Support
Officially launches January 2020
by Shaun O'Connor

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Your Tech Support.
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This does not include domains which ARE currently for sale

However, a number of domain names are for sale now.

Hosted email by Your Tech Support


If you simply need your email to work, I can host it for you for the low price of £1 per user, per month.

Included with this is 10gb storage space per user, and an attachment limit of 50mb which is higher than Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!

A level of Spam and Anti Virus is included, as is comprehensive instructions to get all your devices connected to your email.

Should you require more storage, I simply add an extra £1 per user per month per each 10gb required. Unused space will not be billed, so if you sign up for 50gb space but don't go over 20gb, that user will only be charged £2 for that month.

This is what I class as basic business email, should you require features such as integrated calendar and calendar sharing you should take a look at my Hosted Exchange options, which are are more expensive but offer that little bit more.